Missing Daughter
A Standalone Thriller

Life can change in an instant. For Ryan and Karen Lane, it happens on the morning they discover their twelve-year-old daughter’s window open, their beloved Maddie missing from her bed. Police investigate. Suspicions swirl. A teenage boy admits he was outside her bedroom window the night she disappeared. A halfway house for convicts recently opened in the neighborhood. The lane family is thrown into turmoil, then detectives turn their sights on them. No one is ruled out. Not Karen, with her tragic past, who argued with her daughter. Not Ryan, with his violent streak. Not Maddie’s thirteen-year-old brother, Tyler, who heard voices in her room the night she vanished. Days, weeks, months, then agonizing years go by without answers, the lanes fearing that Maddie is gone forever…until a stunning twist shocks everyone, plunging the family deeper into a world of buried secrets whose revelations threaten the very foundation of their lives.

Last Seen
A Standalone Thriller

Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place. As a Chicago news reporter, Cal has journeyed into society's darkest corners to expose the vilest crimes. But the world he and his devoted wife, Faith, share with their son is much nicer. They have made sure of it, creating a tranquil haven in suburban River Ridge to protect him. Then, in a split second at a local carnival, Gage vanishes. A frantic search starts to uncover splinters in Cal and Faith’s carefully crafted facade, revealing buried secrets that cast just as much suspicion on them as any ill-meaning stranger, and proving that the line between love and violence can disappear as suddenly as a child on a chaotic midway.

Before Sunrise
A Standalone Thriller

In Before Sunrise, Will Fortin of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is on patrol in southern Alberta. It’s a lonely region where the sky meets the land on even terms, where the landscape exaggerates or diminishes your place in the world. If you’re lucky, trouble would never find you there. If you weren’t, this was your battleground. This is where Fortin experiences the worst any cop can face, the taking of innocent lives while under fire in responding to a violent call at a farm involving a gun. His life destroyed his guilt unbearable, Fortin, a good man, struggles as a haunted soul, aching to redeem himself. Years after the shooting, Fortin is assigned to escort a murderer from a Canadian prison to trial in Seattle, Washington. When their plane crashes in the unforgiving Rocky Mountains, Fortin is presented with his last chance at redemption.

A Standalone Thriller

The Only Human A Standalone Thriller Tyler is struggling with his parents’ divorce when one day a troubled old man thrusts a satchel at him on a Manhattan bus before he is killed while fleeing police. Against a series of strange disappearances of groups of people – like a crowded tour bus – Tyler and his friend, Ella, become fugitives hunted by police who want the satchel, which holds a notebook with passages in an ancient language and old goggles worn by stone cutters who carved the city's gargoyles. Tyler and Ella work to unravel the mystery behind the old man's death, learning that Tyler is a descendant of a stone cutter linked to an apocalyptic curse on the city and the world.

Into the Dark
A Standalone Thriller

Claire Bowen, a haunted psychologist, devotes her life to helping troubled women rebuild theirs. But her dream of a family with her new husband begins to crumble as disturbing revelations from his past emerge. Detective Joe Tanner, struggling to overcome his wife's death while raising their little girl alone, heads the task force formed to stop the monster who has resurfaced with a chilling message. In the wake of 5 cold-case murders across LA, one of Claire's most promising patients vanishes.

They Disappeared
A Standalone Thriller

Jeff Griffin, a mechanic, and his wife, Sarah, travel from Montana to Manhattan to give their nine-year-old son, Cole, his dream vacation as they secretly face the heart-wrenching turmoil that has them teetering on divorce. While sightseeing near Times Square, Jeff steps into a store to buy batteries for their camera—but upon returning to the street he finds that Sarah and Cole have vanished. Battling his anguish and police suspicions, Jeff fights to rescue Sarah and Cole. He knows now that the love he and Sarah have is worth saving. But he could lose the chance to tell her amid growing fears that they have become entangled in an unfolding plot that could have global consequences.

Six Seconds
A Standalone Thriller

A California mother's anguished search for her abducted son and a detective's investigation into an American reporter's strange death in the Canadian Rockies, lead them to uncover a global plot to assassinate a world leader - using the California boy as the weapon. "Six Seconds should be Rick Mofina's breakout thriller. It moves like a tornado." James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author.